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8’ x 12’ Storage Unit

If you are looking for a storage unit, the size of your space can make all the difference. The 8' x 12’ storage unit is one of the most efficient spaces offered by Stor It USA Self Storage to meet your needs. This guide will provide an overview of what type of items can fit in this size unit and how much space it will provide.

An 8' x 12’ storage unit is ideal for storing large and bulky items, such as furniture, appliances, boxes of books, or clothing. This size offers more than enough room to fit a queen-sized bed with a mattress, couch, loveseat, and dresser. It can also comfortably fit a desk, several chairs, and multiple boxes of items.

In terms of square footage

An 8’ x 12’ storage unit will provide 96 square feet of space. This is equivalent to an average size bedroom and can fit larger items that may not fit in other sizes of units. With this much space, you can store a variety of items with ease and make sure everything is stored neatly and organized.

The 8' x 12’ storage unit is also great for storing recreational vehicles, such as ATVs, jet skis, or motorcycles. You can be sure that your vehicle will fit comfortably within this size unit and will be fully protected from the elements.

With an 8' x 12’ storage unit from Stor It USA Self Storage, you can store outdoor furniture or items for a home renovation project. This size is perfect for storing large, bulky items that may otherwise take up too much space in your home.

The 8' x 12’ storage unit is a versatile option that can accommodate various storage needs. Whether you want to store furniture, appliances, or even a vehicle, this size unit will provide the space you need. Contact Stor It USA Self Storage today to reserve your 8' x 12’ storage unit.
8’ x 12’ Storage Unit

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