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How to Store a Couch in a Self-Storage Unit?

Storing large furniture can be a challenge. They're big, heavy, and expensive, so you must take extra care when storing large pieces, such as a couch in a self-storage unit. Though it may seem daunting, there are things you can do to make large furniture easy to store, as well as prevent any damage.

Before bringing your couch to a storage facility, you must know a few things. Here are four essential things you need to do when storing a couch in a self-storage unit.

How to Store a Couch in a Self-Storage Unit?

1. Clean It First

Vacuum your couch to remove any dust and particles it may have. Clean it thoroughly so these particles (dog hair, fibers from fabrics, food, etc.) don't stay and create moisture or bacteria.

Use a cleaner to wipe the surface if you have a leather couch. Once cleaned, wipe the couch with a leather conditioner to prevent wear and tear.

2. Cover Your Couch

Once cleaned, cover your couch with a blanket, stretch wrap, or tarp. Secure the covering with bungee cords so they don't get removed in transit. Covering your couch when moving it into and out of a truck will help to prevent scruffs. Remove the cushions from the pillows, and put everything in a box.

3. Choose a Well-Ventilated Spot

Choose a spot in your storage unit where there is proper ventilation. This helps to provide good airflow to prevent moisture from building up. Place a tarp on the floor to prevent mold from seeping from the floor and onto your couch. Once you've placed your couch inside the unit, make sure to cover it again with a blanket or tarp covering.

4. Place Your Couch Horizontally

Do not store your couch standing up. It may seem like a good idea to store it vertically to save space, but this can damage your couch since the sides must be built to withstand its full weight. This may damage your couch, and there's also a risk of it falling over your other belongings.

If you plan to store a couch in a self-storage unit, follow these tips to ensure mold and moisture do not build up, your couch remains undamaged, and the surface stays clean.

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