5' x 7' Storage Unit

When it comes to finding the right storage unit for your needs, size matters. Stor It USA Self Storage offers a variety of different sizes of storage units, with one of the most popular being the 5’x7’ unit. This size is perfect for storing items like small furniture, seasonal decorations, or boxes filled with clothing and other personal items.

When deciding whether a 5’ x 7’ storage unit is the right size for your needs,

it helps to consider how much stuff you need to store and how much space you have available. This particular size of a storage unit can hold about 100 cubic feet of items. Generally speaking, this is enough for roughly two-to-three full rooms of furniture and other items.

If you’re looking for a small storage unit to store only a few select items, the 5' x 7' is also an excellent option. This size holds about two-to-three medium-sized boxes and up to three pieces of furniture like dressers or desks. This size unit can also fit a twin-sized bed and a few other pieces of furniture.

The 5' x 7' storage unit perfectly balances value and space. It’s ideal for customers who are looking for an affordable option that won’t take up too much room on their property. Additionally, this size unit is perfect for customers who are moving and need a temporary place to store their items.

If you’re looking for the perfect storage solution, Stor It USA Self Storage offers a variety of sizes of storage units that are sure to meet your needs. The 5' x 7' storage unit provides an excellent balance between value and space, making it the perfect choice for customers looking to store their items without breaking the bank. With this size unit, you can enjoy plenty of room to store your belongings and have peace of mind knowing they’re safe and secure.

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