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How to Store a Clothes Washer in Self-Storage?

Clicking the post means you are looking for steps on how to store a clothes washer in self-storage. If this is why you clicked, you are at the right place. In this post, we will share five (5) easy steps to help you prepare and store your washing machine.

Step 1: Run The Washer

The first step is to run the washer on a normal clean cycle. If your washer has temperature control, you can pour cold water mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar and then set the temperature control of the washer to warm and run a normal wash cycle for at least a minute. Alternatively, if your washer has no temperature control, go ahead and mix warm water with one tablespoon of white vinegar and run the washer on a normal washing cycle.

Doing this is essential because it rinses the machine and its drains of any excess dirt and detergent residue. Once done, drain the water and then turn the washer off. Afterward, leave the door of the washer open for at least 24 hours to let any excess water droplets completely dry out.

Step 2: Disconnect Valves

Once the machine is dry, turn off the main power supply of the machine, and then disconnect the power cord from the socket. Subsequently, drain out, turn off, and disconnect the water supply hoses valves and from their connection to the machine using a plier.

For the drainage hose, empty it of any excess water and then disconnect them from the valve. You may decide to leave the drainage hose connection to the washing machine intact, or if you have the expertise, you can go ahead and detach the drain hose connected to the washing machine.

Step 3: Clean

When done disconnecting the hoses, the next step is to use a soft cloth to clean the machine's exterior to get rid of any dirt. Also, make sure to clean underneath the machine by either laying it gently on its side or using a vacuum.

After cleaning, place all removed valves and nuts into a box and then place it inside the washer. Or you can place the box on top of the machine and secure it onto the machine using tape. This will ensure that you have all your tools intact when you need to reinstall the washer.

Step 4: Secure All Opening

With the drainage hose and the power cord still hanging, what you want to do is to secure these two cords onto the back of the washing machine with tape. When done, read the washing machine instruction manual on tips for securing the tub before transportation.

Step 5: Time for Movement and Storage

After securing the machine, call a professional or phone a friend to help you move the washer on a trolley and then move it to your storage unit. Ensure that the storage unit is cleaned properly and ensure to store the washing machine in an upright position.

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