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3 Tips on How to Store a Motorcycle in a Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is a great place to store your motorcycle for long periods of time. However, it's not advisable that you simply drive your bike to the storage and leave it there- you will need to do several things to ensure that your ride will still be working and that you've never left it there at all.

Here are three tips on how to store a motorcycle in a storage unit.

Pick The Best Storage for Your Bike

The right storage solution can fit your motorcycle entirely without worrying about the vehicle getting scratched or left at the mercy of the elements. While outdoor storage is cheaper than indoor, your motorcycle won't likely escape the damage caused by snow, rain, salt, and pests.

Shop around for storage units that can cater to your needs. You will want a unit that's protected and have access hours that fall in line with your schedule.

Begin Preparing Your Motorcycle

You'll need a few things before you park and leave your motorcycle in the storage unit. First, you'll want to have it in running order so you won't have issues later on.

Also, you'll want to fill the tank with gas and add fuel stabilizer, top off the coolant, clutch, and brake fluids, and treat individual components such as the filter, the throttle, and the chain. Wash the motorcycle and dry it thoroughly, then fill the motorcycle's tires.

Cover and Lock Up

Invest in a high-quality cover to prevent moisture and debris from getting to your bike. The cover should be thick enough to protect against scratches and have weatherproofing characteristics.

Give your motorcycle a final do-over, then close your self-storage unit and lock it securely. You'll want to have a good lock in place to deter thieves from stealing your precious possession.

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