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How Can I Store Dinnerware in a Self-Storage Unit?

Whether you received a new set of Dinnerware that you won't use today but probably will need in the future, or you are looking to upgrade your current set and want to store the old ones, a storage unit is a perfect place to secure them in a safe area away from children or pets that can destroy them. However, you need to keep in mind the following tips in order to store them properly.

Start with the basics: Clean and choose

Evaluate what you will use in the future and what you can donate or throw away; this will help rent less space in the storage unit and save money. Ensure no food is leftover in the Dinnerware, and wash them thoroughly. Food residue can lead to mold and grime growth.

Store the Dinnerware at the Front

Pack them last, so you can access them more easily whenever you need them. Dinnerware is one of the most fragile things you can store in the unit, so be sure to place them on top of other items you won't expect to open often.

Label and Pack Properly

If you are not getting new boxes, reinforce them to make sure they are strong enough to protect your Dinnerware; Tape corners and edges using reinforced packing tape to ensure everything stays where it should. Add some padding at the bottom of the box. You can use crumpled paper, soft cloth, or bubble wrap. This will help absorb the shock in case of bumps that are about to happen. Avoid packing too many things in one box, and make sure to wrap each dish individually and place the heavier ones on the bottom.

Place glasses and cups down and fill their interior with more padding. Fill the extra empty space with more padding and leave someplace on the top to add more bubble wrap. Finally, remember to label the boxes as fragile so your friends or anyone moving them knows they need extra care.

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