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How to Store a Clothes Dryer in a Self-Storage Unit?

Knowing how to properly store a dryer, one of the most expensive and crucial pieces of equipment you possess, takes some planning and consideration. Dryers, as you will know, are not light pieces of equipment. Thus, knowing how to handle, clean, and store one securely is crucial.

Remove the Exhaust

Pull the exhaust duct for the dryer away from the rear of the dryer carefully. In order to prevent it from becoming broken or lost in the midst of a hurried transfer, this ventilation duct has to be stored inside a plastic bag that allows for visibility.

Remove the Power Cords

Unplug the power cord as well as the gas valves and the coils. After that, clean the interior of the dryer drum with a standard cleaning solution and a dry towel. When the filter becomes clogged with lint, you may remove it using a handheld vacuum cleaner when it gets to that point.

Safeguard the Dryer

Protect your dryer from damage in shipment by wrapping it in blankets and securing it with bungee cords, ropes, or packing tape. If you want to prevent the formation of rust, mildew, or mold, you should avoid using plastic or bubble wrap.

Store on the Floor

Under no circumstances place a dryer or any other large piece of equipment on the storage floor storage that does not have temperature control. When the temperature within the unit rises and falls, condensation accumulates on the bottom of this equipment. This condensation may lead to corrosion if it is not removed.

Check that the dryer is positioned upright in the container so air can flow around it. In addition to helping the dryer keep a steady temperature and ward off mold growth, leaving the door open while it's not in use is a good idea.

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