How Can I Store a Mattress in a Storage Unit?

Storing a mattress in a storage unit could be better. And ongoing costs such as high rates of heat and humidity in the storage unit environment can worsen matters for previously stored bedding items. Sure, you can store a mattress in a storage unit, but there are many better ways to store your bedding items long-term. A better way would be to move your belongings over to the Garage. But if you must store a mattress in a storage unit, this post will help you figure out how best to avoid moldy mattresses and other damages.

1. Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

This is probably the best way to store a mattress in storage. With lower temperatures and humidity, you will eliminate many of the woes for your mattresses, such as mold and mildew. If you need more help choosing the right climate-controlled storage facility, check out our post on it here: use the link above or scroll down to read it now.

2. Clean the Bedding Thoroughly

You can use many products to clean your bedding items, such as a vacuum cleaner. If you use a larger item than a vacuum cleaner, such as an extension cord, you can connect it for higher suction on any mattress section. Many people who have rented storage units have been amazed by how their mattresses came out of the ordeal looking brand new, with no staining or other problems. But people who have left mattresses in storage units over longer periods have had to be more proactive.

3. Protect the Mattress with a Mattress Protector

The benefit of using a mattress protector is that it helps eliminate much of the moisture that could build up in the environment, which can cause mildew and mold to build up and damage your mattress.

4. Move Your Bedding to the Garage

If you do not have access to a climate-controlled storage unit, you can use packing tape to seal off any openings in your bedding items, such as drawers or luggage. You could also get an airtight sealer or some other sort of plastic bag to help prevent any moisture from escaping through the openings.

5. Use Heavy-Duty Bags

Many people use heavy-duty freezer bags when they store their bedding items away from home at any time. Some people use a vacuum sealer to help ensure that no moisture or other elements from getting inside the bags or causing any damage to their bedding items.

6. Store It in an Upright Position

This tip is important for you if you have a box spring and a mattress, as storing them flat on the ground is not ideal. Storing your mattress upright can prevent it from getting warped, saving you money if you decide to store it for longer periods.

Storing a mattress in a storage unit could be better. There are better ways to store your bedding items long-term, but if you must store your mattress in a storage unit, follow the tips above to avoid moldy mattresses and other damage.

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