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How to Store a Car in a Storage Unit?

A storage unit might be the perfect answer if you want to store your car away for a short time. But, as it doesn’t happen often, many people need to learn how to store a car in a storage unit. Thankfully it isn't difficult, and this blog outlines some simple steps to help you and your car.

Find the right-sized storage unit.

The last thing you want to do is find out that your car does not fit in the storage unit you have paid for. Unless you are fit and healthy, you will need to leave out of the car door, so remember to measure the car with its doors open.

You could climb out of the boot if you want to save on space. If you do this, ensure to include the mirrors’ width.

Bring a jack or blocks.

Lifting your car off the ground can help protect it in storage. It helps take pressure off the tires and suspension, meaning they are more likely to be okay when you use your car again. This advice is important if you store your car for over a month.

If you can't use a jack or blocks, ensure that your tires are inflated to the highest pressure allowed by the manufacturers of the tires. If you are storing your car in a local storage unit, pumping up the tires every so often is a good option.

Clean your car.

Remember to clean your car before putting it into storage. You should take care of the following:
• Leftover food could encourage pests, which will cause damage to your car
• Any dust or dirt on your car when you take it into storage will be there when you take it out. If you have stored your car for six months, removing 6-month-old dirt from a car can be very difficult.

Depending on your storage unit, you may also want to bring a car cover to make sure your car stays clean while in storage.

Fill the tank with gasoline.

Filling your car with gasoline and leaving it idle for months might seem strange, but this is an important step to prevent condensation. A fuel stabilizer can be used to prolong the life of fuel in the tank.

Find a storage car specialist for a special car.

It is worth consulting with a car specialist if you have a classic car you have given constant care and attention. They may be able to recommend specialist storage units. Or they may give you some extra precautions you can take to make sure your classic car is maintained to its best.

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